How to Access the DH2020 Humanities Commons Group

All conference presentations will be accessible via the DH2020 Humanities Commons group. Once you have registered for the conference, you will need to create a free Humanities Commons account if you don’t already have one and request access to the DH2020 Group. If you have trouble setting up your account or requesting to join the DH2020 group, please click the Contact Us button in the side bar to send us an email >>>

Create your Humanities Commons account and Join a Group

    1. Register with Humanities Commons. If you do not have an account at Humanities Commons, go to their registration page and follow the instructions to create one. In the process, you will be asked to fill in the registration form, confirm your email, and decide if you want to tie your log in method to your Google or Twitter account. Detailed instructions can be found here.
    2. Fill in your profile. It will be helpful if you choose to complete your profile by adding information to it. This will make all the conference participants easily identifiable. In order to do so, click the icon that appears at the top right corner of the page when you are logged in.This will lead to the profile page, where personal information can be added. The list of user’s uploads to the CORE can also be found on this page. Additional information on personal profiles can be found here.Image displays main page of Humanities Commons with an arrow pointing in the top right to the name of the logged in user.
    3. Go to Groups. Humanities Commons provides humanities scholars a space to connect with one another for the purposes of sharing their cutting-edge research and innovative pedagogical techniques. To join the conversation, we need to sign up for a group that matches our interests. You will see a menubar on the left that will contain a list of groups that you can click on. Click on the “Groups” menu to get a more in depth look.The image displays an arrow to the left side menu bar pointing at the "Groups" option. Find New Group. The groups page shows a list of different groups sorted by the last active group. Using the drop down menu, you can also select to sort by Most Members, Newly Created, or Alphabetical. In the top right, you will see a search bar that allows you to narrow your results. We are going to type in “DH2020” to get a list of groups relevant to DH.The image displays an arrow pointing to the search bar in the "Groups" portal. In the top right, "digital humanities" is entered in the search bar as an example. 4. Join Group. Once you have decided on a group. You can become a member by clicking on the “Join Group” button. Once you have submitted your join request, you will be admitted to the DH2020 group on July 10.The image displays an arrow to the "Join Group" button. The Digital Humanists group is used as an example. 5. Beginning on July 10: Go to Your Groups. Now that you have signed up for a group. If you have not clicked on the “Groups” sidebar, you need to do that now. You should now see a list of your groups by clicking on the “My Groups” menu at the top.The image displays an arrow pointing to a series of tabs reading "All Groups, HC Groups, My Groups, and Create a Group." The arrow points to My Groups. 7. Enter Group. Click on the group that you would like to enter. Image displays an arrow to the link for Digital Humanists under the "My Groups" tab.8. Group Email Warning Message. When you enter the group, you may see a “Warning” message about your email notifications for the group. You can click on the “Visit Email Settings” button if you would like to change the message or you can click on the X to remove the warning.
      The Image displays an image of the warning message people receive when joining a group. It reads "You are not receiving e-mail notifications for this group. To change your default settings for this group's email setting, visit your e-mail settings page." Arrows are pointed to the top right with an X for closing and a button that reads "Visit-email settings"Underneath the button, you will also see options to disable the warning for this group only or disable this warning for all groups should you want to avoid having this popup in the future.Shows the Warning Message already shown above that reads "You are not receiving e-mail notifications for this group. To change your default setting or[sic] this group's email setting, visit your e-mail settings page. Arrows are pointed to two links underneath the "Visit e-mail settings" that read "Disable this warning for this group only" and "Display this warning for all groups."9. Success. You should now have successfully joined the DH2020 group.