How to Create & Share an Event (Forums, Meetings, Workshops)

Participants whose Forums and Workshops were accepted to DH2020 and organizers of SIG or CO meetings can share information about synchronous events through the DH2020 group event calendar:

**Note: If you post information on a separate public website, please do not post public Zoom or other video conferencing links. Making Zoom or other video conferencing public can make your event vulnerable to Zoombombing. We encourage all forum, meeting, and workshop organizers to either use your own registration to gather participants and directly email these links or to post these in the internal DH2020 Humanities Commons Group events calendar.

Share your Event in the Humanities Commons Group

  1. Navigate to “Events” in the DH2020 Group menu.Navigate to "events" in the group menu.
  2. Select “New Event”.Click "New Event"
  3. Add detailed information about your event. Begin by adding an event title and description of your event. Include date, time, and time zone (both your own time zone and Eastern Daylight Time):Add event title and description4. Select the start and end date(s) and times under “Event Details.” The time you select here must be in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). If the event is being hosted in a different time zone, make sure to indicate the time zone code, along with the time in EDT, in the event description above.5. Select the appropriate categories and add tags to your event if you wish.Add categories and tags6. Make sure the DH2020 group appears under “Groups” and “publish immediately” is chosen if you are ready to share your event with conference participants.Make sure DH2020 group is selected under "Groups." Make sure to "publish immediately."7. Publish your event:Click "Publish"