How to View and Respond to a Presentation in Discussions

Participants are encouraged to use the Discussion forum to view and respond to presentations. Please keep in mind our code of conduct while communicating on this platform.

Below are step-by-step instructions on how to respond to a presentation:

    1. Select DH2020 Group. To view or respond to a presentation, select the DH2020 group and click the “Discussion” tab.This image instructs users to select the "Discussion" tab on the DH2020 Humanities Commons homepage
    2. Select Discussion topic. There will be several topics to choose from or you can search for a specific topic using the search bar at the top of the page. The discussion topics are based on author-identified methodologies.
    3. Open the topic discussion. Once you have found a topic/discussion by scrolling or using the search bar, select the link to open the discussion page. Each presentation will have its own reply to the top “Accepted Presentations” post where you will find a link to follow and/or a file to download.This image instructs users to select a specific topic within the "Discussion:" tab of the DH2020 Humanities Commons page
    4. Reply and submit within discussion. Scroll down to the reply section in the topic. Click”Reply” at the top right of the presentation you are replying to. At the bottom of the discussion page, enter your reply and click submit. You can also reply directly to comments already made to have a sub-conversation within the thread on a specific idea or topic. If you wish to be notified when replies are made to the topic, click the box to consent for updates via email prior to submitting.

      This image instructs users to select the discussion box within their selected topic to comment

    5. Subscribe to a discussion to receive updates on topics of interest:

An example model of a reply can be seen here:

For further reference, see our How to prepare and share presentations link below: